Jennifer Stewart

I’m currently Professional Editor of Independent Strong, after selling my private practice in June 2022. I have been working hard at spreading the word on #independenteyecare through my consulting company, OD Perspectives, my editorial role at Independent Strong, and partnering with a number of industry vendors and leaders on webinars, articles, blogs and podcasts.  My role in sports vision continues to expand as well, as founder of Performance 20/20, in addition to serving on the Executive Board of the International Sports Vision Association and teaching a sports vision elective at NECO. I'm about to launch my own comprehensive sports vision course for doctors looking to start their own practice. I've also enjoyed acting as a mentor to those looking to build authentic practices, add to/change their role in optometry and advocate for private practices.  I also try and attend and speak at any and every conference held at my happy place, Walt Disney World!

I live by the Disney quote, "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

As for supporting others, if I won the lottery, I'd anonymously support and pay off vet bills for animal rescues.  Here are some of my favorites for you to consider donating to:

Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue:

Looking Glass Animal Rescue:

Rising Starr Horse Rescue: