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I am the founder and visionary behind FluoreSCENE Media, the eye care industry's most highly engaged media org. I also founded Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care, a large medical model practice in Rockville, MD,  and serve as business development exec for KeplrVision. I am proud to have been honored as one of the 50 most influential optometrists PCON magazine.  I have extensively lectured and educated by presenting over 100 invited lectures, writting numerous journal articles, and authoring 2 books. I have also received 11 issued and 4 pending patents in ophthalmology and computer science and authored 1 peer reviewed publication in the journal, Clinical Ophthalmology.  My family resides in Rockville, Maryland.

One of my hobbies is innovating. By innovating I mean coming up with novel solutions to problems that have significant unmet need, usually in an area of expertise I have which, of course would relate to the eye and vision field. I consider this "outside of work" as it isn't clinical and it's relaxing plus I think I have an interesting story around it so there you go. I know, I'm a nerd. So be it.

I always thought the vision scientists didn't have a thorough understanding of the root cause of age-related lens disease, namely presbyopia and cataract. If you ask the most prominent scientists and clinicians what they feel the root cause is, 9 out of 10 say "oxidation", specifically "UV oxidation" and the 10th usually says oxidation in combination with some other factor.  I was so sure that while oxidation and specifically UV oxidation is the major contributor, for reasons made clear in the paper below I felt that at some point between the ages of approximately 15 and 25 some changes take place that enable UV to take hold and do it's damage. The young eye is exposed to the same amount of UV radiation for the first 30 years of life; why is it that UV related protein modifications only start to take place after a certain age?  It can't be that UV just all of a sudden becomes a problem; something has to change to enable it to increase the damage it causes leading to presbyopia and ultimately to cataract. I spent 25 years wracking my brain, have boxes of notes and did tons of my own research. In the summer of 2021 I had a eureka moment. I came up with a theory that, after a year of trying to poke holes in it, hiring experts to get objective viewpoints on it and running some basic experiments, I had a peer reviewed paper published on my theory  in July 2022. Now gearing up to do a basic clinical trial to prove or disprove the theory. More than 8,000 people have read or downloaded it. For those interested in learning more here is the link to the peer reviewed publication:

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