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Monday, September 18th at 8:30pm EST

Pitfalls in Creating Optometry Businesses - Why Does It Cost So Much to Start from Scratch or Purchase an Existing Practice?

While private independent practice of optometry is the goal of a majority of Optometrists, it costs way too much to start a practice from scratch, and it also is very difficult to fund the purchase of a practice that is dying on the vine. Combined with common pitfalls in business ownership, including overspending on non-critical business additions, poor selection of vendor partners, and relationships with poor terms and conditions, too many ODs see a future of independence as impossible. This episode of The Authentics will examine the methods that could help ODs find a brighter future in ownership of an independent practice. Erich Mattei, President and CVO of Akrinos LLC will be joining The Authentics for this hot topic conversation.

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